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Deck Project: Phase 1: Demolition

So, here we are...midsummer. Isn't it great to sit outside this time of year, kick up your feet with a summer cocktail and soak in the beautiful weather? I love it! I especially love doing this in the fall (I'm not one who enjoys intense heat). Unfortunately, I have not been able to do that yet at my house, as there is no place to sit outside. Quite a bummer. We do have a raised deck in the back of the house, however, it's not exactly conducive to relaxing. For one, there's no place to sit. Two, the structure is kind of an eye sore. And three, the deck isn't exactly safe! So a couple of weeks ago, when my friend and I were blending up some frozen margaritas on a gorgeous, sunny, 80-degree day (with no place to sit outside), I was like, "Ok, this is it. Time to do something to this deck!" Of course, this needed to be authorized by the hubs. So after some strong convincing...and coincidentally cooking his favorite meal...we committed to a deck redo. Yessss! Visions of margs on the deck were becoming a reality!

Immediately, I took to the internet, and began browsing some photos for inspiration. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted, but realized that this project needs to be attacked in phases in order to reach my ultimate "dream deck" goal. Phase 1: Demolition. And what goes hand-in-hand with demolition? That's right, a dumpster. Easy enough. I ordered one and it arrived two days later. Does anyone else feel giddy when there's a dumpster in your yard? I do. The thought of purging is overwhelmingly gratifying. Perhaps just me? Doubt it! Dennis and I decided that we (well...who am I kidding..."HE") would do the demo ourselves. This all took place last weekend. I am trying to get better at taking the "before" pics, so here are the shots of the deck that I got before any of the demolition started.

So, not exactly your average backyard oasis. There were elements of the deck that I did actually like though. I enjoy the idea of a fire pit, however, one not built through the deck creating a serious fire hazard. I also really love the look of pergolas as well - that is, when the wood is not rotted and paint isn't chipping off. With that all being said, it was time to start breaking stuff. The pergola came down first. In the next photo, you might be wondering what that structure is that Dennis is standing in front of. Well, it's a custom built dog house...with an AC! I mean...definitely a cute Idea. I do love my Murphy and want him to be comfortable in the heat. But this really isn't the spot for it. Sorry Murph!

Next up for destruction...the bead board framing, some handrails, and lattice.

Lattice is gone!

Time to destroy a doghouse!

Inside of doghouse - notice the AC.

Doghouse is gone!

Here's Dennis removing the AC unit from the deck:

The demo would have gone a lot more smoothly if we didn't have a fire pit to contend with. Being that it was built into the deck, all the way to the ground underneath, cinderblock and ash removal took an eternity!


Next up was the floor planks. Take notice of the BURNT joists surrounding the fire pit. Safety issue to say the least!

So this is where we're presently at. We only have the the rest of the fire pit to demo, along with the last few planks, which are currently serving as a walkway to get off the deck if need be (good thing for other ways into the house!).

Already loving the view of the back of the house so much better now without that crippling white bead board!

Dennis is going to complete the rest of the fire pit demolition this weekend, as well as the remaining planks. The next step I'll call Phase 2: Joist Repair. That's where our trusty construction magician, Cesar, comes in. There are clearly a few joists that need to be replaced. So stay tuned! Hopefully that'll take place next week!

Thanks for stopping by all!


xo, Claudine

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