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Let's take it to the beach!

I'm sure many of us have dreamed of owning a beautiful home right on the beach. I know I have. But since that hasn't really been in the cards, I've had just as much fun renting and visiting beach homes. It's so fun to relax in and enjoy these homes decorated with a "beachy" vibe. Whether your beach house is a permanent home, vacation getaway or a property you rent to others, there are several beach house decorating techniques you can use to ensure the interior of the house looks just as stunning as its view. Here are some tips I think are a MUST, in order to create a seaside ambiance.

It's All About the View!

What's a beach house without a view of the glistening ocean? Open space planning and well-placed furniture help create a natural traffic flow. They also allow your guests to travel through your space the way you intended, hopefully focused on a view.

Here is a friend's home that I stayed at recently in Southhampton. Situated on top of a gated hilltop, with over three private acres and extensive mature gardens, this custom built gambrel home has endless views of the Peconic Bay and year round sunsets. Take note of how the floor-to-ceiling windows give you clear views of the beautiful yard.

Here are some amazing ocean views from the beach house my family rented last week in North Carolina.

Water views from the bedrooms too! So peaceful to wake up to!

Accessorize With Coastal Decor...But Don't Overdue It!

Over-accessorizing with themed décor can easily make the space look gaudy, so resist the temptation to pack the space with beach-themed art or fishing accessories. It's nice to have a beautiful piece of coral on display or some shells as accents, as long as you use restraint. A few well-placed theme items or collections are more successful, and instantly and inexpensively adds an organic accent to the room.

Nautical touches were delicately placed in our North Carolina rental. In the family room, shelving around the fireplace was filled with various marine fixtures.

These touches were added to the bedrooms as well, as seen here with coral and starfish prints hanging above a lovely wicker headboard. The artwork effortlessly brings out the colors in the comforter as well.

Pick Coastal Motifs

Adding just one or two seaside references, such as a coral-patterned rug, is all you need to give a subtle nod toward the region.

Choose a Sunny Palette

Start by bringing in the colors of the beach—sandy beige, shades of blue and green representing the sea. Browns can ground a space and represent rocks, driftwood, or even seaweed.

Beiges and wood...



Just loving this beachy Bohemian vibe...

Choose White

Or, go with a white palette. If color isn’t your thing, take your palette to the other extreme by keeping all of your surfaces, from ceiling to floor, a refreshing white.

Warm creams add a simple layer of color and texture to a white backdrop, giving this bedroom a sophisticated look.

These two living rooms are coated in white with just a subtle hint of blue detail. The feeling is so light and airy - love it!

Don't Be Afraid to Add a "Pop"!

For a modern beachy look, add bright pops of color to a coastal background.

Crisp whites combined with punches of bright colors immediately transport you to the sea.

In these rooms, blue accents in the pillows, drapery, and rugs mimic the ocean’s dazzling color, and the pops of bright orange are inspired by the magnificent hues of the setting sun.

Add a Nautical Touch With Shiplap

When white painted shiplap coats walls and ceilings, the result is a refreshing coastal feel. It pairs beautifully with contrasting dark weathered wood beams.

Here at my North Carolina beach getaway, white horizontal shiplap planking as a base for the kitchen island adds casual beachfront styling.

Add Authentic Lighting

Lighting is a great way to create inspiration. This Capiz shell chandelier is whimsical and beautiful, imparting a sense of seaside elegance to a well-designed space. Shells falling from a fixture easily whisk you away to the beach. The delicate discs come from windowpane oysters.

Here, the colors of the ocean are brought in through a beautiful sea glass orb chandelier.

Add a Dramatic Accent

In this bathroom, fern-pattern wallpaper as an accent wall creates an instant tropical vibe.

Here is a bold backsplash done with glass and limestone tiles to create a pretty focal point behind the range.

This master bedroom's knockout punch is a dramatically overscale headboard with elephant leaf print.

Any one else feel like lying on the beach now? I know I do!

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers and Happy Sunday!

xo, Claudine

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