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"They will never ever take my 'crown'..."

I believe Jay Z said it best in Crown.

Just like the right piece of jewelry or heels can add a pop to an outfit, molding can turn a room into a true showcase. You don't have to do major construction to create a new look for a room. You can dramatically alter a decor by working with much more manageable details: moldings and trim. Along with paint color and window treatments, moldings represent the simplest way to add style and definition to any room. Interior moldings provide attitude as well as architectural interest.

In an empire of trim, I feel as though crown reigns. It draws the eye up to the ceiling and creates a polished look for the space. I learned that Crown's lineage reaches back to the ancient Greeks, who created the profiles and the rules of proportion that we still use some 2,500 years later. Although now, we are no longer using original heavy stone. 18th-century American craftsmen opted for relatively lighter-weight plaster or wood crown. While these materials are still top choices for traditionalists, today's homeowner can also choose moldings made from materials, which go up with greater ease than the Greeks could have ever imagined.

So now that my history lesson is done, I couldn't be happier that the trim/molding work in my kitchen and dining room are underway! I've been waiting, and waiting - somewhat patiently - for this work to start. However, I knew this couldn't happen until after the floors went down. Now we're in the thick of it. To break it down, these rooms needed window casings, crown molding, and baseboard molding. Our woodwork magician, Cesar, put up some temporary moldings for us a few months back when the construction was done. In my crazy mind though, I had visions of how I really wanted it to look. Wider crown molding and upgraded baseboard trim are all great ways to add an extra touch of custom-built elegance to your home. So I'm so glad we made it here! And like I always say...the dazzle in in the details. :)

Here are some "before" shots of some of the temporary moldings, as well as the areas with no trim at all yet - yikes!

Framing out the molding for the entryway into the dining room.

The magic begins to happen...

Adding details...

Some crown molding...

A bit of window detail...

So the project isn't complete just yet, but we're on our way. Cesar has a few more moldings to do, and we still have to paint it all white. But I love it so far! Once the trim work is done, then it's on to wainscoting for the walls in the dining room! But before that...I may have Cesar sneak in a closet redo in the den. ;) Shhhh! Don't tell my husband! But that's likely what's up next!

Have a great evening all, and as always, thanks for stopping by.


xo, Claudine

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