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"I'm walking on sunshine...and don't it feel good!"

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. My Mac crashed last week. Yes...crashed. When my screen went black and a flashing question mark appeared on my screen, I knew dark skies were lurking around the corner. After days of denial, and fear that all of my files were lost forever into a dark abyss, I finally conjured up the courage to go to Apple. I sat at the Genius Bar waiting...sweating actually...wondering why this "bar" didn't serve Prosecco while people awaited their doom. After about 10 torturous minutes, "Genius Theresa" returned from behind closed doors with my laptop and she told me that all that was needed was a cable replacement. There is a God! Long story short...I had quite a scare and learned my lesson about not "backing up." If this story can help save even just one person's files, I'll feel better! Back up!

Aside from the crash last week, there were some sunny skies shining in my home. As well as "sunshine" below my feet! My new hardwood floors went down! Being that there were actual holes in my kitchen floor for almost a year, due to a wall being knocked down, the floor project was long awaited. We've also been living with just a subfloor in the dining room, which we draped with a hideous area rug to cover it. I felt elated when I got to throw that pea green colored area rug in the dumpster (it's the little things).

Lighting is dim, but you may be able to make out the "lovely" dining room rug behind our colorful doggie gate (note wood plank covering hole in floor - yikes!).

Here are the old floors in our kitchen. We LOVE our wood burning stove, but were not fans of the black tiles it was resting on. So we were happy to see those go along with the hardwood!

A better close up of the flooring and tiles...(yep...we have a chewer).

Our den was not much better. The floors were laminate.

A good close up of the laminate floors...with Murphy as a pup!

Since the moment we moved in, our pal Cesar has been doing ALL of the work in our home that proves to be a bit out of mine and Dennis' skill set. He is the BEST. Here are some pics after Cesar began to work his magic...

Old floors gone!

Murphy isn't a pup anymore!

Staple gun extravaganza begins!

Cesar worked his magic in just three days! The "after"...



Bar area...

Dining room...

He's coming back in a few days to finish trim work (crown/base moldings and columns), so more photos coming your way shortly. Along with those, I will post better pictures of the rooms once I purchase a lens that can zoom out!

As always, thanks for stopping by all. :)

xo, Claudine

Song Credit: Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

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