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Come dance with me...come on and dance into the light...

Definitely one of Phil Collins' under the radar hidden gems, Dance Into the Light. I heard the song this morning, and it made me think of what one of my friends always says when he hears this song, "It just makes me feel like I can take on the world!" And there was the inspiration for my next blog. Although it may not be the same exact way I feel about chandelier lighting, it's pretty darn close. I mean...the name of my blog is Dripping in Chandeliers after all.

When my husband and I moved into our home and began making transformations, I was giddy at the thought of adding new lighting fixtures. Yes, giddy. I truly feel that a chandelier is one item that can completely make over a room. Do you want to add drama? Make a statement? Make the space feel cozier? Answer to all: add a chandelier. What's so great is that whether you like glam with shimmering crystal or rustic with wrought iron, you can find spectacular lighting for every room and to suit every need. A lighting fixture can exude fun, elegance, and express the personality of the home owner. So let us embark on my chandelier expedition...

Our dining room is still currently undergoing its journey to 'chic' (watch out for a future "dining room reveal" post), but that didn't stop me from adding our very first chandelier in the house. This room underwent construction and a12 ft high sloped ceiling was added. I was thrilled. Higher ceiling = bigger chandelier! I immediately had a vision of wooden beads. I have seen many wonderful wooden beaded chandeliers in design magazines and on some of my favorite websites. I knew I had to have one. Here's my first beauty...

I found this lovely light fixture here. Sadly, this specific chandelier is currently out of stock on this site, but if you're looking for something similar, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to help you find it!

Next up was the main entryway. When you walk into my home, you are immediately standing in a space with 22 ft high beamed ceilings. Talk about focal point! The previous owners had taken their chandelier that was hanging there, so you know what that meant...? ;) This space needed light asap, so after some searching, I decided to go with something classic and elegant.

This one was an eBay find. You can get more details here.

Next up, was the living room. This light fixture was set to hang right in front of our fireplace, so certainly another focal piece. However, unlike the previous spaces, I couldn't go as grandiose since the ceilings are significantly lower. Sigh. But I still love this one.

My husband and I have a minor (okay, borderline addictive) obsession with Amazon Prime. We found this chandelier here.

Moving upstairs...apparently, in the 1920s (when my house was built), people were not big on closets. The closet in our bedroom can barely fit the wardrobe of an infant, so I was forced to get creative. I turned one of the spare bedrooms into a dressing room ("dressing room reveal" post coming soon). A boudoir, if you will. I wanted this space to be lit with something feminine and fun.

You can find the specs here.

Last, but certainly not least, is my office. Where, hopefully, all of my blogging magic will take place. The color scheme in this room is white and gold, so I went with something romantic, simple and chic.

I am embarrassed to say that I cannot find the purchase information for this one. ;( I will continue to look through my thousands of email receipts. Sorry!

As you can see, photography is not my strong suit at the moment. But I'm working on it! Something a bit more high-tech than my iPhone is a purchase I plan to make in the near future. So bear with my lackluster photos for the time being!

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!


xo, Claudine

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